Face Masks and Balaclavas

Face Masks and Balaclavas

Hunting Balaclava: Camo Neck Gaiter & Hunting Face Mask

Hunting Face Mask Styles

Whether you're standing guard in the brush, poised in the tree stand, or inching through the water, you can't afford to let your face give you away. That's where a good face mask comes into play. It ensures your camouflage extends head to toe while adding protection from cold weather.

There are three main hunting mask styles to consider:
  • Hunting Balaclava - A balaclava serves as a hood and face mask for full protection and complete camouflage. They come in lightweight and heavyweight material, so you can pick the right level of protection for any weather.
  • Camo Neck Gaiter - A neck gaiter goes around the neck and pulls up to your face. Think of them as the lower portion of a balaclava without the head protection. Fleece lining will help trap in more body heat for greater warmth.
  • Open Mesh Mask - Mesh masks provide full head, face, and neck coverage with a lightweight, breathable material. It's perfect for camouflaging when you don't need fleece lining for enhanced warmth.

Selecting the Best Hunting Mask

There are two basic factors to consider when selecting a mask for hunting:
  • Coverage - Do you want your mask to cover only your face, mostly your neck, or your full head, face, and neck?
  • Warmth - Do you need a fleece-lined mask with maximum weather protection? Or do you prefer a lightweight or mesh fabric that camouflages your face without overheating your body in the early season?
  • Pattern/Color - Do you need a camo mask? Or do you prefer a solid color?

You may need multiple masks to get through a full hunting season comfortably. Keeping a spare on hand is also a good idea.

Quality Hunting Balaclava from SITKA

Every hunter should have at least one premium quality balaclava hunting mask. It's perfect for cold weather hunting in the late season and provides maximum camouflage for a successful hunt. We're proud to offer high-quality balaclava plus a fleece-lined neck gaiter and open mesh mask, giving hunters of all stripes a suitable option.