New Arrivals

New Arrivals

Hunting New Arrivals: Latest Hunting Gear and Accessories

The New Hunting Gear You're Searching For

Where do you look for new hunting gear that blends the latest styles with the best technology? Right here on SITKA! We keep up with technological development in the clothing industry and bring the best materials to the hunting industry. Our 2022 hunting gear will ensure you look and feel just as great at the end of a long hunt as you do at the starting line.

Discover New Hunting Gear 2022

Do you need new hunting clothes for 2022? You may think you need just a new jacket or perhaps a warmer pair of hunting pants, but we encourage you to take a close look at your hunting wardrobe this year. If you hunt a lot or wear some of your hunting gear in daily life as well, you're likely to find some pieces that might not make it through another ambitious hunting season.

Those pieces give you the perfect reason to shop for new hunting apparel at SITKA. Don't take your chances on worn out clothing or apparel that doesn't offer the protection of new hunting technology. You could end up shivering in the rain or struggling with wardrobe issues rather than focusing on the hunt.

SITKA makes it easy to discover the newest technologies and fashion trends in the hunting industry. We don't just knock off designs seen elsewhere. We create unique designs with the needs of skilled hunters in mind. We only work with premium fabrics and the best technology, which is why so many of our pieces are now based on GORE-TEX and other top-quality materials.

Stock Up on the Best New Hunting Gear

The new hunting gear offered in 2022 is different from the hunting attire you likely purchased a few years ago. Some great fabric innovations have occurred in recent years, and SITKA is proud to bring them to the hunting community. We're well-known for providing some of the best new hunting products every year, so come back annually to see what we have to offer your hunting wardrobe.