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Jackets and Vests

Deer Hunting Jacket & Vests: Whitetail Camo Jackets & Bow Hunting Vests

Your Next Deer Hunting Jacket is Here

There's always room in the wardrobe for one more whitetail jacket or bow hunting vest. Whether you're an experienced hunter or you're gearing up for your first season, you need high-quality hunting attire that protects you from the elements, ensures comfort, and is easy to pack down as needed.

That's why we're proud to present our collection of hunting attire. We strive to provide the most durable, breathable materials with design features created just for the hunter. You'll find your new deer hunting vest or whitetail camo jacket right here, and make sure to stock up on hunting pants, bibs, and accessories while you're at it.

Deer Hunting Vest vs. Deer Hunting Jacket

A deer hunting vest will allow full range of motion without restricting the arms or shoulders. While it holds in warmth and helps with temperature control, it may not feel as bulky as a deer hunting jacket. You may also just like the look of a vest or jacket, but also keep the following in mind when deciding between these two hunting outerwear options.
  • Noise - Many hunting jackets are now made with quiet material, but vests are still the quietest option in most cases.
  • Comfort - Some hunters feel more comfortable in a vest while others prefer a full jacket. This is a personal decision.
  • Mobility - Restricted movement or discomfort will interfere with hunting performance. If you're shopping for a bow hunting vest or jacket, you may find the vest less restrictive.
  • Warmth - Vests designed for hunting hold in warmth better than you may assume. A good one made from quality material will keep you just as warm as most jackets.
  • Weatherproofing - Jackets may offer more protection from wind and rain. Vests leave more body area exposed to the weather.
  • Packability - Hunting jackets may offer more pockets for carrying tools and accessories. You can find vests and jackets that are easily packed away in a bag as needed.

You don't have to choose between a vest and jacket right now. It helps to have both options on hand, allowing you to make decisions for each hunt.

The Best Whitetail Jacket

We may have your next favorite whitetail camo jacket in stock right now. Browse our current collection to find the whitetail jacket that best fits your budget, style, and functional needs.