Jackets and Vests

Jackets and Vests

Women's Jackets and Vests: Lightweight Women's Hunting Jacket and Camo Vests

The Ultimate Women's Hunting Jacket

From chilly temperatures to rain and intense wind, there's a Sitka Gear jacket for every hunting scenario. Our quality ensures that our jackets hold up after many high-intensity hunts, but they're also perfect to slip on in daily life. Whether you're on the sidelines of a youth football game or in a tree with game in sight, you need a jacket that moves with you and performs as expected.

Women's Camo Hunting Jacket Selection Tips

What do you think about when selecting the best women's hunting jacket for an upcoming adventure? You may have your own qualifications and expectations, but don't forget about the following basic components:
  • Weight - Hunting jackets range from lightweight to heavyweight designs with midweights falling in between. You may need to keep jackets of multiple weights on hand to fit your needs as the weather changes.
  • Color and Pattern - Camo is the most popular pattern, but you can find solid colors as well. Bright colors are perfect for ensuring visibility while camo allows you to blend into your surroundings.
  • Fit - Do you prefer a form-fitting jacket or something a bit looser? This is a matter of preference, but make sure you don't go so loose that it interferes with movement or snags everything you pass.
  • Noise - The best jacket materials are nearly silent with movement.

Womens Hunting Vest & Jacket Options

Look at our current collection of jackets and vests for hunting. We look forward to keeping you warm and comfortable in all weather conditions.